Ecommerce Product Descriptions: Are They Always Necessary?

Ecommerce Product Descriptions: Are They Always Necessary?

More and more online store owners are faced with a complex task of writing an original, informative and SEO friendly product descriptions for their products.

Many e-commerce companies when establishing their first website are taking product descriptions too lightly. While the others are making serious efforts to generate an impactful quality content to justify each item they sell. Then there these folks who take the outwardly clever way of putting descriptions plagiarized from other websites. Learn more about How to Sell Online

Product descriptions are both widely used in sales and in SEO. For the longest time, websites that are reputable in the ecommerce industry have advised online businesses to use product descriptions as they are believed to increase sales and improve customer shopping experience.

However, there have been some arguments as to why your ecommerce site is better off without product descriptions.

  • When badly written, they could do harm instead of help to both your website and product. Let’s face it, when we want to use product descriptions for sales, we tend to use hyperboles and even exaggerations, which cause very high expectations that are simply impossible to meet.
  • According to Google, SEO do not use keywords in ranking websites as much as before. SEO is now more focused on links and tags, at least according to Google.
  • People value product images more than descriptions. People love shopping online because they save time. They save more time by relying solely on the images more than the text.
  • High street fashion brands have stopped using them. They only use short specifications, like measurements.
  • International visitors do not understand, so they don’t care. As mentioned above, people generally place more value in product images more than the descriptions.
  • Long texts clutter the page. Most ecommerce experts advice product pages to use bullet points instead of lengthy sentences to provide information.
  • Do You Know Your Ecommerce Business’ Core Products?

Now, this is not to totally dismiss product descriptions. The point is if you really feel the need to include it in your ecommerce site, make sure you keep them to the minimum. Avoid using lengthy sentences. Short, sweet, concise, and direct to the point bullet items are preferred by most online shoppers. Not only would they make your customers happy, but could even save you money—as writing these product descriptions can take too long to do and spend a lot of budget in the long run.

Instead, concentrate on well-taken product images. Provide as much eye candy to your clients, and you are off to an even better track.

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