Facebook, Instagram Are Influencers’ Favorite Social Platforms

Facebook, Instagram Are Influencers’ Favorite Social Platforms


Influencers are today’s brand ambassadors and celebrity endorsers. Much like the endorsers of yesteryears, they have a strong following of people with them who believed in the genuineness of what they represent. They gained popularity as influencers because of what they do online. Most of them are bloggers who loved to document their thoughts through a written article, while some are vloggers who always carry with them a video camera to document their thoughts or even their usual everyday activity. Read  more Shopify app

How do influencers affect online businesses or those who uses an app to sell online? They pretty much have things in common such as being internet dwellers. Bloggers and vloggers usually fill up the contents of an eCommerce platform with blogs, product reviews, first impressions or tutorial. Online business who have these contents on their eCommerce platforms is always a step ahead of competitors. Customers won’t need to get out of the app that sells online just to access these contents that will affect their decision to purchase a product. Brands who sell online will find that presence of these online sensations will not have a hard time convincing customers to buy their goods.


Influencers often use all available social media platforms to reach out to their followers and promote the brand they are working it.  However, a recent study showed that among the social platforms we have today, Facebook and Instagram are the two most preferred platforms by the influencers. Online Store .Click here

A July 2016 survey conducted by SheSpeaks, a network which focuses on women, asked about 347 influencers based from the United States about their preferred social media platforms. The survey respondents are those who have an active blog and are active on social media, as well.

Thirty-two percent cited Facebook as their most preferred platform to sell their brands online. Instagram came in next with 24 percent of the respondents using it while Twitter came in third, being preferred by 18 percent of the survey respondents. However, only a tenth of those surveyed choose Pinterest, a content-sharing platform.

A majority, or 96 percent, of the surveyed influencers stated that they had a positive or somewhat positive work experience with the brands. Three quarters of them also said that they were compensated through direct payment and products. Seventeen percent were compensated with products only and the remaining were compensated with products only.

Another survey, this time from TapInfluence, a platform for those who would like to work with influencers, and the technology research company Altimeter Group showed that 70.6 percent of the influencers surveyed promote their brands through ambassadorship. Also effective as a means of marketing their brands are product reviews, where they share what they think about the product, their experiences about it, and how the product worked for them.  This is what worked for 66.7 percent of the respondents. Meanwhile, 53.9 percent of the influencers surveyed stated that they find brand mentions in their tutorials or daily vlogs worked best for them while event coverage is also an effective marketing means for the product or brand they represent. On the other hand, sponsored contents also worked for 50 percent while affiliate links seemed to work for 10.8 percent of the respondents.

No matter what social media platforms these influencers used, the fact still remains that the marketing action is hot, not only on the social media, but on the web, in general. Aside from building a virtual storefront, brands must be able to keep pace with the trends especially in marketing their products. Influencers in the virtual world is an organic way to promote a product. If they really believe in your products or cause, some of the influencers do not even need a compensation to promote them. What needs to be done is to find that influencer who is a perfect match for your brand or your product and everything will fall into its proper places.